Who We Are

Founded in October of 2012, Up World, Inc. is a not-for-profit social enterprise corporation committed to rebranding, rebuilding and revitalizing the Chicago Community by building on existing community assets and facilitating ongoing collaborations between schools, residents and other key stakeholders.

The core purpose of Up World Inc. is to improve the quality of life for youth in the Greater Englewood & Austin community by spurring social economic development initiatives and serving as a catalyst for economic development.

The government, educational system, and many community members are failing our young people. Housing policies, school zoning, poverty, and gentrification have all played a part. Repeated difficulties in the classroom and the development of destructive habits have resulted in young people that have lost faith in the possibility of achieving success and accomplishment in their lives. Up World, Inc. aims to remedy this situation by providing a caring and inclusive learning environment that promotes self-dignity, individual responsibility, and ambition to succeed.


Our Mission

We are committed to helping young adults discover their inner greatness and potential to be personally and professionally successful.

We provide training in 21st century skills which have proven to be essential for success, yet are not provided in traditional education systems. Our programs are real-life, team-based, hands-on, and internationally focused so that program participants can expand their horizons, explore their passions and skills, and acquire critical life and professional skills.

Our Promise

We will not turn our backs on any students. We will provide a caring, nurturing, inclusive environment. We will believe in you, and we will help you believe in yourself. We will help you move up in this world and achieve your potential.

Our Impact

We want to disrupt the school to prison pipeline, and keep students from becoming what is predicted by statistics. By identifying youths who are poised to have a turbulent transition to adulthood offering a positive support system and education, we believe that we can empower them to get on track and avoid or overcome the pitfalls that can further derail their lives. Our goal is to foster a community commitment to young people that will promote positive and productive social interactions, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future. Through building personal relationships between the youth, program mentor, and the community, we will develop a sense of individual responsibility, pride, and accomplishment that will inspire hope and commitment in the youth so that they can become successful adults and productive community and global citizens.

Our Partners