How Our Programs Work

Students who join Upworld are paired with a mentor who offers guidance. Together, they set a goal to and work towards acheiving it together. The student has the opportunity to learn key STEAM skills and ultimately achieves their goal with a more well-rounded global view of the world, feeling prepared to enter the workforce.


Turn the Page

Professional educators and tutors provide individualized attention to students. This helps to increase reading, writing and math literacy levels.


Real Life Literacy

Coaching helps students apply enhanced literacy skills to real-life situations, for instance, understanding the "fine print" and double-checking receipt balances.


STEAM Strengthening

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) includes disciplines such as software development, web design and engineering. It helps to prepare students for jobs of the future.


CIY (Create-It-Yourself)

Through working in groups, students identify, design, and build their own enterprise venture that creates job opportunities, income, and business development skills.


The World is Yours

All the professional, social, and international skills students need to be successful in their personal and professional lives, such as critical thinking and decision-making, interpersonal communications, collaboration, understanding of cultural differences, leadership and management.


Next Step Prep

Supporting students in resume writing, interview skills, and workforce expectations, while also matching students with open positions that fit their skillset in the local economy.


UpWorld Inc. represents an organization that will up the disadvantaged youth’s social standing & environment for them to become successful.

Brian Rodriguez, Tech Advisor