The Comic Book Artist

Meet Justin. Many people have written off Justin already, assuming he won’t achieve much in his life or contribute meaningfully to society. His teachers have given up on him and regularly kick him out of class; he’s been in trouble with local police before; and his single mother – who is his primary caretaker – loves him so much, yet is beginning to lose hope. Maybe you’ve already written him off as well… But Justin isn’t a bad kid. Nor is he unintelligent. He just isn’t getting the kind of experience, training, support, and skills that brings out the best in him. His true potential isn’t being discovered and unlocked in a traditional classroom system, and inner-city life presents its fair share of temptations and distractions. But he’s eager to build, he’s eager to experience, and he’s eager to do more with his life.

Justin’s principal knows he’s not thriving at school, tells him about Upworld, and encourages him to apply for the program. He’s heard about this place before from other kids in his neighborhood. Although he’s skeptical, Justin decides to check it out online at the local library and submit an application. After speaking with an Upworld, Inc. representative who learns more about Justin’s skills and goals, Justin enrolls in the 2-year program that prepares him for personal and professional success in the 21st Century.

Through his experience at Upworld, Justin gains confidence in his artistry and creative skills, while also gaining critical skills in business, math and finance, and working with others. This boost in self-esteem helps Justin excel both in the Upworld program and in his classes, leading him to successfully graduate from City College of Chicago in 2016. Directly after graduating, Justin landed an internship with a comic book company and he’s starting his career as a comic book artist. Previously viewed as a lost cause, Justin identified and developed his true potential as a comic artist through Upworld, and acquired the skills he needed to transition his passion and talent into a burgeoning career path. Justin’s journey is not, and does not have to be, an isolated incident. 250 similar young adults are enrolled in the Upworld program, having new learning experiences and discovering their true potential, which will help them achieve success in their lives. Join us to support the next generation in moving up in the world.